The Need for Balance

Before the world became familiar with the word “lockdown”, “work-life balance” was a topic of the town because how hard and passionately we immersed ourselves in the work and forgot about from where we come from, our homes.

With the world going into the lockdown and everyone staying indoors and still being able to work, was one of the marvels bought to life because of the ever-evolving technology and us making the best of its use. But this period of working from home has blurred the lines of balancing the time one spends in front of their laptop/ PC screens and with the family members who make home, a home.

Here is a list why work-life balance is important to achieve overall satisfaction :

1. Mental Health

The one place that needs to be the healthiest and the happiest is one’s mind. Any problem there will lead to dysfunction elsewhere. Pressuring brain to focus on one aspect for prolonged periods can create an imbalance and will reflect on other aspects outside the work. A healthy brain and mind is a healthy over-all heath.

2. Physical Health

Staring at the screen, sitting in the same spot for hours and being cooped up in the same place can physically drain one. Stiff muscles, eye problems and irregular sleep patterns all add up to a poor physical health. If the body is not well taken care off, how will it perform when work needs to be done?

3. Increased Productivity

When time for each task is divided well, the mind learns the pattern and adapts well to it to function efficiently. Studies show that those who maintain a steady work-life balance are much more productive than those who do not. A positive way of life directly leads to amazing results.

4. Better Energy Levels

If proper time management is done, the body and the mind do not feel exhausted doing a task. If same work is done for hours at a stretch, the boredom and tiredness definitely sinks in. A balanced time management for work and life leads to energy perseverance for doing tasks effectively.

5. Increased Creativity

Creativity means new ideas, approach and ways to make things work and achieve results. A mind that is constantly doing the same thing for too long, tends to have mundane thoughts and there is no room for newer ideas to flow. If work-life balance is managed well, brain learns to focus on much more important things and this leads to mind freely thinking which eventually brings out newer ideas and creativity for work.

6. More time for other activities

If the brain and body is forced to perform a certain function for prolonged time, end result will be bad work and finally the burnout of the individual. Having to do same tasks all day will have a person who is unsatisfied and is doing work just for the sake of it, which is neither good for the individual or the people around them, that includes family and workplace friends. Having a balance inn work and personal life means the person gets to take time out for things they love to do apart from their workplace, and this includes indulging into hobbies. This gives brain a chance to break its constant chain of thinking about the workplace and lets it recharge for the newer day at work.

By encouraging a healthy work-life balance, you will create an environment for yourself where you are dedicated to the task at hand. This will improve retention rates, productivity and ultimately profit. Hence, a good work-life balance is essential and should not be ignored.

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